Lather, Rinse, Repeat

So this happened…

Yesterday was Cyber Monday, and if you sell things on the Interwebs you know just how insane this particular variety of Monday can be.  I had a pleasant commute to work yesterday, listening to the This Week in Tech podcast on my Lumia 1520.  The podcast was about 2 hours long, and I managed to make it through nearly 30 minutes of the show on the way in.   I set my phone in its cradle on my desk, and then met the craziness the day brought.

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The Care and Feeding of your Dinosaur

Continuing my series on Windows Phone 8, today I am turning my attention to email.  For many years now tech pundits have suggested that email is dead – or, at the very least, is on life support awaiting a Supreme Court ruling which will pull the plug.  Most of the time the reason given is that the overwhelming amount of spam kills any value.  Truth is, though, we get just about as much physical spam in the way of bulk mail, yet the US Postal Service manages to remain afloat. 

OK, maybe that is not the best analogy.

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The Year of Living Blandly

To be fair, it is only a month but it might actually feel like a year…

I have been a smartphone fan boy since long before anyone thought to call them “smartphones”.  Even back in the dark days I carried both a Motorola StarTac brick and an HP Pocket PC, and secretly wished they would make love in my backpack, producing a device which bore the best of both.  When Windows Mobile was introduced as a phone operating system, I owned one of the first devices.  I wrote code for the operating system and always (not so secretly) coveted the next generation device. 

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