...But there is "meat" in "team"

I am often called upon to interview people for various technical jobs and to assess the skills of those already in the organization.  The goal of each assessment (interview or otherwise) whether directly verbalized or not is to uncover the "superstar" that is just waiting out there to be hired or promoted or even simply recognized.  Or, more accurately, to decide if someone is a mere mortal or if he/she will ascend to the ranks of "demi-god" within the organization.

There is a problem, though.  The "demi-god" we are all looking for doesn't exist.  The quest itself is the mythical snipe hunt.

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Trust your feelings, Luke...

A couple of weeks ago I saw the original Star Wars for the first time in many years.  No, wait - scratch that.  I saw the updated, enhanced, "special edition" of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope.  Fine distinction, but coming from someone who saw this movie only slightly fewer times than George Lucas simply because he worked at the theater where it opened many (many, many) years ago, a valid one.  It doesn't bode well when you digress this much in the first few sentences, but then I digress (again).

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