Nine point four

Today is the birthday of the most wonderful friend, companion, accomplice, lover, dog-shamer, geek-temptress and graduate of the Sears and Roebuck Charm School that there is on this planet.  My blushing bride Beth was born today - well, not today as in "this year", because that would be creepy.  My sister and brother-in-law are taking us along with the guys (when do you stop calling your kids "the boys"?) to Teatro Zinzanni for a birthday extravaganza.  In a couple of weeks, Beth and I are escaping for an overnight at Tulalip Resort to see a show and celebrate this day (belatedly), but mostly to recover from the last few months.

So, happy birthday my love.  Here's hoping the next 50 birthdays are as exciting and happy as this one.

Oh, and the title?  Your age in Celsius.  We do live near Canada now.