Architectural Agility, or what did DaVinci know that I don't?


To understand any technical concept you must first understand the context in which it is applied.  When I use the word “architecture” most people will immediately picture a building of some type.  I can focus that perception by providing context for the word “architecture”.  For example, by saying “Gothic architecture” I can evoke the image of a European cathedral or through the term “Roman architecture” I can give you images of stone columns and porticos.  By providing context for the word architecture I can make the meaning clearer to you.

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Its not just a good idea, its the law

For rather a long time human interaction has been governed by the rule of law.  Defining the principle, we accept that law is generally regarded as regulations or rules established within a community by the authority of that community.  These rules are accepted and enforced by the community or by an authority that the community appoints to enforce them.  That was a long way to go to define what a law is.  There is a point to the definition, though, and it is this: outside of community, what we declare to be “law” are in fact more like guiding principles. 

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