Architectural Agility, or what did DaVinci know that I don't?


To understand any technical concept you must first understand the context in which it is applied.  When I use the word “architecture” most people will immediately picture a building of some type.  I can focus that perception by providing context for the word “architecture”.  For example, by saying “Gothic architecture” I can evoke the image of a European cathedral or through the term “Roman architecture” I can give you images of stone columns and porticos.  By providing context for the word architecture I can make the meaning clearer to you.

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Professional Dating

I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the last few months interviewing candidates at my day job for a number of positions.  Like so many other companies in the tech arena, it is increasingly hard to find qualified people without personality quirks so onerous you wonder how the candidate is able to survive in the real world.  If you are reasonably competent in your field and can form a coherent sentence, there are plenty of jobs that can be yours. 

 Be fiercely individual and continue to enjoy the unemployment line.

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